The safety of our staff and customers is paramount, we have been measures in place to ensure your safety, there is some more information below. 

We are requesting that all customers BOOK their lane in advance.

Here's a bit more information about our safety policies here:

What we will do:

Cleaning regimes have been increased especially of high frequency touch points such as bowling balls, ball ramps, tables, hand rails and door handles, using Steri7, a high concentrate disinfectant that cretates a protective barrier.

All our staff have been trained in Covid-19 prevention and safety.

Hand sanitising stations will be in use throughout the centre and we actively encourage regular hand washing in conjunction with these.

What we kindly ask of you:

Please do not enter our centre if you have any Covid19 like symptoms.

Please regularly wash your hands, sanitising stations are provided throughout the centre for your own safety as well as ours.

We actively encourage contactless card payments and have raised the limit per transaction to £100

Pre-book your lane whenever possible. 

Only leave your lane if necessary, for example, using the toilet.

Do not discrimiate against anyone who chooses to wear or not wear a mask.